Atomera (ATOM ): The BASF of the semiconductor industry has a strong grass roots following

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BASF was  not known for specific products but instead was known for making other products better.  Atomera does not make semiconductors but offers a product that can make semiconductors better. By better this could mean 25% lower power, lower cost, higher yields and 15-20% smaller die sizes. While institutions have continued to add shares every quarter there is a number of independent research groups that have been recommending the company over the last year(some longer). Many of these groups have provided independent research and have come up with the same conclusion that the stock could easily go up over 10x in 2021. Some of the below groups have either picked up coverage in the last 6 months but many of them have followed the company for years. Keep in mind many of these groups are subscriber based and you won’t get subscribers if your recommendations don’t perform. Also, unlike analysts, these people are investors and own the stocks they recommend.

Less a disruptor and more an enabler(added 1/23/21). Atomera has been talked about as disrupting the $450b semiconductor space with its advanced materials and know how. But the reality is its more an enabler. Disruptors tend to be companies coming into a market and competing with established companies and taking market share. Other companies either adapt or die. In Atomera’s case they are not trying to take market share but instead are enabling companies to continue to grow. As Moores Law continues to evolve the plain fact is without lower power, higher density and smaller footprint parts the current technology growth will come to a grinding halt. What do I mean by this? Take the average cell phone. Over the last 5 years it really hasn’t changed size or shape much but what goes on inside has advanced 5 fold. The cameras, sensors, memory, 3G,4G,5G, etc… capabilities have continued to go up and yet the size and power requirements have held fairly steady. That is where Atomera is going to turn into an enabler. While moving down a node can get you the same type of performance improvements the cost of the phone would go up 5x if that is the only way to get there. Atomera’s MST technology can allow the new DRAM(DDR5) parts to be built on a 10nm node at the same cost as today’s DDR4 parts but with lower power, higher speed and higher density. Thats the game changer the industry needs if technology is going to continue to improve and that is just one example of tens of thousands of parts that will ultimately be able to take advantage of the MST technology as it is adopted industry wide.

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  • July Recommendation
  • Luosheng Peng @luoshengpeng
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  • On 2/14 listed his top three picks for 21
  • ATOM
  • RESN
  • NNOX
  • Lou Basenese – Disruptive Tech Research
  • @LouBasenese
  • Atomera’s First JDA Justifies Immediate & Major Revaluation
  • I’ll share all the reasons why I believe so, plus the most likely identity of the “market leading semiconductor company” partner and why this single joint development immediately justifies a minimum valuation of $49.92.
  • You must subscribe to read the rest of his research on Atomera. His top pick for 2021.
  • TPG Invests
  • Watch “ATOM – Atomera Inc – Is this stock extremely undervalued and about to explode? DEEP DIVE” on YouTube
  • Beth Kindig on 1/15/21(see last summers note at bottom)
  • This week, my premium members got an update on a company I’ve been tracking for nearly a year. I called the stock a Hail Mary play and I’d say the ball is on the one-yard line now. 

TW’s Take: this is the first of what I believe will be many JDAs. The snowball has started down the ski hill. 

When I mention not wanting to chase stocks, Atomera (ATOM) comes to mind. The stock is hitting new highs every week it seems and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We hosted a Zoom call with management last week and came away feeling more excited than ever about the prospects.

If Atomera can deliver “a full node of performance benefits” the technology will not only get adopted by someone, it will need to be adopted by most everyone in order to keep up with peers in what is a highly competitive industry. Meanwhile, I believe MSTcad is going to accelerate adoption. 2021 is shaping up as a potentially great year for shareholders of ATOM.

TW_Research on 1/2/21
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  • Marin Katusa – Katusa Research
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  • Publisher’s note: Today, we’re turning things over to our friend Chris Wood from investment research firm RiskHedge. Chris is a 20-year market veteran, and he’s one of the country’s most respected tech analysts.

Beth Kindig buy recommendation. Here is what she said last summer. Obviously waiting for the stock to be derisked with announcement of JDA.

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Andrew Rickli (@AndrewRickli) tweeted at 10:09 PM on Fri, Jan 01, 2021:
Key to growth stocks is to grab them before Wall Street discovers them. $IMMR, $ATOM, $VXRT, $OPEN are all in that category. Look at $NIO back in April at $3/share, now at $50. Wall Street didn’t know!

ATOM: Steady Customer and Licensing Progress; Reiterate Buy, PT to $56

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