Atomera (ATOM) year end CC: CEO says 2021 is going to be a breakout year

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Summary. With $37.9m in cash they have never been in better financial shape. The MST technology is installed in one of the world’s largest fabs and the technology transfer will be completed shortly. Multiple additional JDAs and/or manufacturing licenses in the pipeline. When the company CEO says 2021 is going to be a breakout year he is not kidding.

  • CC key takeaways
  • JDA #1 signed in January along with manufacturing license
  • Additional JDAs and/or manufacturing licenses in pipeline
    • JDAs allow additional nodes to move directly from phase 3 to phase 5
  • MSTcad released and getting positive customer feedback
  • $37.9m in cash, $14m 2021 costs (2+ years funding)
  • $400k in JDA fee licensing payments in Q1 or Q2
    • Upon payment indicates tech transfer completed and next step is to move to phase 5(qualification) and then phase 6 (Production royalties)
    • Companies don’t go to phase 5 unless they plan to go into production
  • Patent portfolio up to 269 issued and pending
    • Patents up 46% in last 2 years
  • Epi Tool installation covers both 200/300mm wafers and is in final check out before acceptance
First of many JDAs or manufacturing licenses signed

The importance of a JDA is it allows the JDA customer to go directly from phase 3 to phase 5 on additional nodes skipping the integration phase 4 since it was already done on other node. The companies own engineers have been trained in the technology and are advocates for adoption. The first JDA being signed is clear signal to rest of industry they need to be working with Atomera.

EPI tool in final checkout phase before acceptance

This Epi tool is unique in that it supports both 200mm and 300mm wafers sizes. Atomera engineers have been able to use while in the acceptance phase. Down to final few items before accepted. Between the Epi tool and MSTcad software addition of new pipeline customers will accelerate.

5 Additional Customers have multiple Phase 3 Engagements
Patents issued up 17% last year and 46% over last 2 years
Customer feedback positive

The below are the question and answer portion of the CC.

How can Atomera impact chip shortage: Example of 200mm fab could install MST technology and it would allow them to reduce die by 20-25% and thus give each wafer 20-25% more capacity.

Is the chip shortage stopping fabs from running wafers using MST. No. Fabs are prioritizing wafer runs and MST technology is top priority so they are getting R+D runs still even though fabs are very busy due to shortages.

Please provide update on previous licensees.

All are very secretive and don’t want any information on where they are at getting out. AKM had fire and is recovering but fully committed to going forward. The other 2 are hopefully moving to Phase 4 soon.

Any due diligence from this site is for entertainment only and not a solicitation to buy or sell Atomera stock. Any estimates are just examples of what is possible and should not be considered financial advise. I have not been compensated in any way and will never be compensated for my reports.

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