Atomera (ATOM): Facts and Figures as of 3/2/21

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Updated 3/2/2021

With today’s news that Atomera has completed their IP tech transfer and installation into one of the worlds largest multi-billion dollar fabs this signals the start of Phase 5(Qualification runs) followed by royalty generating production parts. In my experience this is a huge milestone for Atomera as this fab upgrade costs the customer $60m/node and they will not sign off on the tech transfer until the equipment is running perfectly. In fact I would expect that the sign off only happened after a full qualification run has been completed. There is no other way to verify it works. A full qualification run would take 2 months which is when the JDA was announced on January 5th. This fits the timetable and was probably the final piece to sign off on the tech transfer. I expect Phase 5 qualification to be 2 to 3 runs covering 6 months putting the fab possibly to be in production in late 2021. Keep in mind the JDA allows other nodes with this customer to skip phase 4 and go right into phase 5.

  • Atomera (ATOM)
  • 22.4m shares outstanding
  • $37.9m in cash, no debt
  • $14m/year burn rate
  • 370 fabs and approx. 500 nodes potential
  • Est. $64m/year royalties per node
  • 13.70m(61%) held by Institutions/Insiders

Atomera is engaged in the business of developing, commercializing and licensing proprietary materials, processes and technologies for the $450+ billion semiconductor industry. We believe that by incorporating MST, transistors can be smaller, with increased speed, reliability and energy efficiency. We believe that MST can be widely incorporated into the most common types of semiconductor products, including analog, logic, optical and memory integrated circuits.

  • Atomera shares outstanding 22.4m
  • Insiders 3.1m or 13.8%
  • Institutions holdings from 13f filings 10.6m or 47%
  • 13.70m(61%) shares held by Institutions and Insiders
  • Float 8.7m shares before retail estimate
  • Estimate retail holdings 6-7m(guess)
  • Estimated Float less than 2m after retail estimate
  • Shares Short 2.2m(1/31), real time 2.8m
  • Cash $37.9m burn rate $3.5m/qrt approx as of 12/31
  • 269 patents with 26 patents issued in 2020 and 1 so far 2021
  • 10 patent applications in 2020 pending issuement

Any due diligence from this site is for entertainment only and not a solicitation to buy or sell Atomera stock. Any estimates are just examples of what is possible and should not be considered financial advise. I have not been compensated in any way and will never be compensated for my reports.

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