Atomera (ATOM)Q2 Summary: Atomera has had some very strong, behind the scenes accomplishments this past quarter that could lead to some very big wins

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Scott Bibaud ā€“ President and Chief Executive Officer

Our JDA partner, existing licensees, and other Phase 3 customers, continue to advance their efforts with us, undaunted by the industry’s communications and logistics challenges. We are making headway every day towards the goals our customers established at the beginning of our project

I would say that, as we mentioned, the JDA is on track and we’re hopeful that the Phase 4 will be completed on a very reasonable timeframe.

Q2 Summary: The JDA customer continues on track and all 10 of the companies in Phase 3 continue moving towards production. No development delays as importance and benefits of adopting MST is giving it priority in the fabs even during the high capacity usage they are currently seeing. Ongoing discussions continue with customers for either JDAs or licenses to enter Phase 4 and a deal could happen at any time. Recent whitepaper showed importance for next generation semiconductors and although the paper is targeted at manufacturers of 3D transistors like nanosheets and gate-all-around structures, the benefits described also apply to work going on in memories, CMOS image sensors, and in other advanced products.

  • CC Highlights
  • $34.3m in cash. 2+ years. $2.4m in cash used in Q2
  • Additional JDAs and licenses being discussed. “Could happen at any time” according to CEO.
  • JDA #1 continues on track and all 10 other Phase 3 customers continue making progress and moving forward
  • Even with tight fab capacity MST adoption considered a top priority and no delays in fab development
  • Example slide shows how JDA #1 could have 3 unique product lines adopting upfront which triples royalties
  • MSTcad being used by Phase 3 customers and what has previously taken three 9 month turns(27 months) has been completed in 1.5 months
  • EPI tool fully operational but clean room needs additional equipment to meet certification standards. Complete in Q3.
  • MST industry wide adoption could happen just like High-K/Metal Gates and Strained Silicon
Companies with multiple Phase 3 engagements likely to be first adopters
JDA #1 will likely have 3 nodes so 3X royalties

Any due diligence from this site is for entertainment only and not a solicitation to buy or sell Atomera stock. Any estimates are just examples of what is possible and should not be considered financial advise. I have not been compensated in any way and will never be compensated for my reports.

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