Atomera (ATOM): Year End 13f holdings(12/31/21) are up 25% from 12/31/20

At the end of last year I went through all the current 13f filings and other filings that were known and found there were 10.17m shares being held. These include filers like K2 and Peter Appel. Going through the current filings that number has jumped 25% from last year and now is 12.66m shares. Including insider holdings of 2.49m shares now 66% of the 23m shares are closely held. While shares continue to be scooped up by Institutions the outstanding share count has not changed in 2021 and remains at only 23m shares. With over $30m in cash and a burn rate under $3.5m/qtr the company is in perfect position to get multiple partners into high Royalty production that will leverage the tiny share count for huge dollars per share in earnings.

The company so far has developed 3 unique applications of MST in the semiconductor space and all three could be licensed for 1-3% across almost the entire TAM. See chart below. While mobility has been the primary usage so far with MST its application for Dopant Engineering and TDDB/BTI may very well be required for all next generation fabs as a must have to get the yields and reliability required to go into production.

Royalties across entire $600B TAM with 300+ Patents
  • Institutional ownership increased 25% to 12.66m(2021) from 10.17m(2020)
  • Short interest 3.77m(12/15/21) up 58% from 2.38m(12/15/20)

Atomera is engaged in the business of developing, commercializing and licensing proprietary materials, processes and technologies for the $450+ billion semiconductor industry that is growing to $800b by 2028. By incorporating MST, transistors can be smaller, with increased speed, reliability and energy efficiency. In legacy nodes, by adopting MST, performance can be increased and die shrunk so capacity can increase over 30% and help solve the current industry shortage issues. Recent data demonstrated the applicability of MST to leading edge 5/3/2nm fabs meaning MST can be adopted across the entire future $800b TAM. We believe that MST can be widely incorporated into the most common and next generation types of semiconductor products, including analog, logic, optical and memory integrated circuits.

  • Atomera shares outstanding 23.1m
  • Insiders 2.49m or 10.74%
  • Institutions holdings from 13f filings 12.66m or 55%. Below are only the +100k filers plus previous 13f filers like Valley High, Peter Appel, Vulpes and K2.
    • Susquehanna 1.29 million
    • Blackrock Inc. 1.278 million
    • Valley High Capital 1 million
    • Valley High Limited Capital 1 million
    • Vanguard 981k
    • Peter Appel 871k
    • Vulpes Innovative Technologies 743k
    • Hollencrest 724k
    • K2 Energy 520k
    • Statestreet Corp  358k
    • Geode Capital 357k
    • Morgan Stanley 281k
    • Avenir Corp 242k
    • Baird 215k
    • Jane Street Group 195k
    • Northern trust 191k
    • Bard Associates 170k
    • AWM Investment 177k
    • Sargent investment 164k
    • GWM Advisors 161k
    • Citadel Advisors 130k down
    • Commonwealth Equity 102k
    • Brevan Howard Capital 98K
  • 15.15m(66%) shares held by Institutions and Insiders
  • Float approx 8m shares before retail estimate
  • Estimate retail holdings 3-6m(guess)
  • Estimated Float less than 2m after retail estimate
  • Short Interest 3.77m(12/15)
  • Cash $31.8m burn rate $3.5m/qrt approx as of 9/30
  • 300 patents granted and pending with 31 new patents filed in 2021
31 Additional Patents Filed in 2021
Multiple additional JDA customers ready to move forward

Any due diligence from this site is for entertainment only and not a solicitation to buy or sell Atomera stock. Any estimates are just examples of what is possible and should not be considered financial advise. I have not been compensated in any way and will never be compensated for my reports.

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